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BC 29. century, the hazelnuts are grown in China, cultural, known as the homeland of Anatolia. Some historians also brought to Anatolia from Central Asia to North hazelnut spread all over the world are expressing here.

Also referred to as the sacred history of fruit, nuts, minus the Turks took place in the religious life. Other nations of the sacred nuts, seen as the epitome of peace and well-being. Branch of the Greek god Hermes' wand is said to be even nuts. Oil Stone, Stone Rain Mist Thompson legends with the legend, according to the sacred tree nuts, unless otherwise indicated. God's Light is the first time in several rumors said that nuts on the tree came down. Çunkıng'ten BC brought 2836'da post Ankara University Faculty of Language, History and Geography, translated by the zone-ze is expressed in a scroll mentioned in the nuts. BC, the ancient Greeks, Persians fought in Mesopotamia, on the way, Trabzon - the fruit of Giresun hazelnuts and encountered for the first time somewhere in between. Coconut fruit in terms of Pontus This "Kerta Pontika" or "nui Pontika" gave the name.

MS 1 century Greek physician, Diocorides'in in his book Kitab-ul Hasayiş drugs are mentioned in the nuts. Assuming of course that is brought to the shores of the Black Sea Hazelnut Central Asia who say that, as a basis to show these resources implications.


Between those who believe in the sanctity of hazelnut British, the French had. The British Christmas meals keep nuts, brought the tradition to decorate the table with hazelnut branches. Types of nuts, hazelnuts, giving the names of saints believed in the sanctity of the Italians reported.

Holds the nut is an important Muslim. They would express a paradise nut is the fruit of the clergy. Adam, the Prophet came down from the sky down time, God has brought together in the order of 30 kinds of fruit. Among them were nuts. Quran mentions some of the suras nuts. Referred to as the cultural homeland of the Black Sea coast, Ordu, Giresun and Trabzon resources nuts cultivated since ancient times, according to the findings.

Cultivation of hazelnuts in the world with the most appropriate soil and climate conditions in Eastern and Central Europe, nuts tanıştırılanlarda by the Greeks from the Black Sea trade. Hazelnuts from the Black Sea trade was first made in 1403 by Gene-vizliler brought to Istanbul by. I 1773 Russia, Romania, 1792, Belgium 1889, England 1851, Switzerland in 1852, Serbia and Greece, in 1906, Germany 1907, France 1909, in the United States in 1912 trades was followed.

The Chinese HAZELNUT

China nuts, BC. K'ai-po pen-ts'ao of 968-975 in the book, which is mentioned as the knowledge of this era Flora BC. I. LiChı'nin century, quoted in the book of ceremonies is avoided. There the girls are busy with hazelnut and chestnut registered. Chih'li the current name of the state of the north-east of Hope, and the weasel-like squirrel with nuts, these nuts collected caves, mountains, gouge the poor people were forced to remove them and sold on each side indicates the presence of. Pei-ya, encyclopedic works written at speeds Muahhar said, "Catlpa tree nuts, small fruits like chestnuts, chestnut nebatıdır this is a kind of. Feel that it was women's work being engaged in the ancient kings. "

Another manuscript, nuts bahsolunurken "taste similar to coconut, oil, candle making is suitable, but also a fruit is eaten as a TA. Liao-tung, and Shang-Tang Yun-yonag are too. "Is called.

China 16.yy.dan classic book written about the printed tab of forage, Mi Shihchen says: "Nuts stunted and small. Towards a kind of autumn oak tree in bloom in the winter, such as the neck and tassels sway 2-3, on March yapraklanırlar, fruits, three, and five-in-one, and is located in zılıfın, and when they are green, ripe Erdikler kahverengidir.Bir most of time is not in a proverbial ten Nine empty hazelnut "is called.


Hermes is the god of commerce of Greece 's wand değneğidir.Asanın might wish to try a nut Hermes, saw two snakes boğuştuklarını kırbaçladı these nuts with branches and snakes to leave this heavenly innings now stuck together. All goods returned at that moment it touches the bottom of this wand of Hermes in the same time became known as the epitome of wealth and abundance.

Dioscorides the Greek scientist, past medical history of the oldest xxxxx nuts owner. MS.I century. Cilicia (Adana) lived around. This work is part of the "rule of Hazelnut and hazelnut oil quality obtained by mixing the mash of sugar and milk and drinking a nice, refreshing drink at the transmitter and is useful against cough" is mentioned.


Arabs nuts, the Umayyad armies passage of time, ranging from Trabzon to Istanbul Abdulmelik command of his brother after the recognition of Maslama indicated.

According to the Arabs "Hazelnut tree, snakes, scorpions and poisonous animals all run away as his hand a branch of tree nuts afattan the man who makes sure that the sentence". Is called.

Abu Hanifa arapsaçının Elculuz nuts, hazelnuts said that Farsçasınında.

Eltebari Arab scientist, hazelnut, figs should be yenilmöesi scorpion bite it means to be good.

Hazelnut is a fruit that is both dry and fresh taste to eat, hazelnut oil and meal derived from her embroidery work and the fruit of the tree of kullanılır.Fındık, green leaves in an envelope with the almond-like fruit predestined meyvedir.Bu, very delicious, half the weight of such as milk, syrup, beaten and even when a tree is in proportion to the safe jobs edilir.Fındık used.

Ferrite Arab scientists have written on Ecstasy and nuts Elbustani'nin encyclopedia Dairetül Education "Nut: This fruit does not grow corn. Because I grew up in countries such as Egypt, humid climate, as opposed to sıcaktır.Fındık slightly damp soil, sandy and open places like, fire, and replicated with the vaccine.


Publius Virgilius Moro (Mo. 70-19) Rustam Bükaliklerinde shepherd lover, and as evidence of the great martyr of the nuts shown in the table, many priests indindede invaluable. The importance of Rome had a deep-rooted traditions and customs. Great happiness, but celebrated by burning branch of nuts. The sacredness of being happy marriages would be expected from this tree. Eflaki wizards, and finds a power and strength be created, but they would see that tree nuts.

The ceremonies organized every year in honor of Bacehus goat is sacrificed to the temple, burned the body wrapped in the branches of the nuts.

Mitojisinde Germanic deities in the nuts lightning passed off as a fruit.

HAZELNUT the Ottoman Empire

Homeland of China, migrations and raids into the homeland of the Eastern Black Sea coast area after getting the introduction and cultural expansion of the Ottoman Empire continued in the beginning.

From Istanbul to Europe the first hazelnut trade in 1665 sent-siyle, 1 Mahmut France in 1737 with the introduction of the trade agreement has a different significance.

18 European and Asian countries begin to recognize the Turkish fındıklarının corresponds century. 1773'de nuts Russia sent the first, in 1792 made the sale of Romania. Shelled nuts were sold in London in 1875 and in Belgium in 1851, 1879 and began to be exported as from the inside.

Hazelnut production areas of the Ottoman Empire with foreign sales have shown an increase. Nuts in the production of 10 thousand hectares in the 1600s, the beginning of 1900 reached 21 thousand hectares.


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