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Fındık NakliyesiTurkey-based cross-border shipments, the possibility of access to anywhere in the world through the use of one or the other in connection with transport models are introduced to the institutions by creating opportunities for the optimum time and cost.

Our transport strategy is required by our customers over the periods of the total supply of the desired product to the desired location, to deliver the desired time is based on.

Fındık NakliyesiIs not limited to the transfer of goods from door to door transport is well versed in the field, in the office of the competent personnel structure and provide logistic support to be mindful of the interests of customers, we see quality as a prerequisite.

İç Fındık Nakliyesi

Quality Policy;

Taking advantage of technological opportunities of the day, according to the current conditions and the optimum price to produce high-quality service. Cazibemizi, not by selling to provide cost-reducing, increasing customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, to do the work, or that the legislation will be good to follow the laws and decrees of the staff to train and communicate the necessary information to our customers.

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